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Celebrating a decade of fine entertainment in the Bay Area
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Authentic Neapolitan/Italian Canzone,French Chanson & American Favorites

No music has the power to whisk us away to magical, far-away places like the songs heard on the streets of old Europe.  From the very first strains of the accordion you’re savoring a glass of Chianti on a balcony overlooking the Neapolitan shore, or maybe sipping a steaming cappuccino at a sidewalk café on the Champs-Élysées in ‘Gay Paree’.

Two Gypsy Kisses (Due Zighi Baci) promises to transport any audience with their authentic, soulful styling of popular European café music.

Time stands still as tenore lirico Michael Van Why croons his way into your heart with the timeless, sentimental melodies of Western Europe and America, accompanied and artfully arranged by accordionist Sheri Mignano.


" the tradition of café chantant-
pure nostalgia...  a trip to the old country"... 
                      Lawrence Ferlinghetti,
                  First Poet Laureate,
                    Founder, City Lights Booksellers, San Francisco

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